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bootix Technology GmbH, a privately held company, is located in Usingen, Germany. Spun off from Koeppen EDV Beratung, itself founded in 1984, bootix® serves customers on all five continents through a network of resellers and consultants.

For time-tested and proven remote boot technology, there is no better source than bootix®. Based on code originally developed in 1989, our products have undergone continuous refinement and can be found on millions of desktops around the world. Our experience is unparalleled in the industry.

Over time, bootix® has developed a wide range of special-purpose products concentrating on LAN and WAN technology for large internal networks. Our technology is put to the test everyday in some of Europe's largest corporations, securing and maintaining large networks of PC's.

By investing heavily in support and documentation, bootix® has built an organization that has fostered unmatched customer loyalty. Our highly talented technical team enables bootix's consultancy services to regularly solve unique problems in mission-critical environments. Whether designing a special solution or supporting off-the-shelf products, the bootix® philosophy is to listen to our customers and implement the technology which best serves their organization.

Some of the industry's largest players have endorsed bootix's Internet-compliant, TCP/IP based remote boot solutions:

  • BMC Software
  • Concurrent Technologies
  • Fujitsu Siemens Computers
  • Hewlett Packard
  • IBM
  • Intel
  • Madge/Olicom
  • ManageSoft
  • Sun
  • Wincor Nixdorf

Consistently first to market:

2006 First to market to support 64 Bit, PE, XP, W2000, Win98, DOS and Linux in one product
2006 The first TCP/IP BOOT-PROM for the Marvell / Yukon Chipset
2005 The first TCP/IP BOOT-PROM for Intel Gigabit Chipsets
2004 The first TCP/IP BOOT-PROM for BroadCom Chipsets
2001 The first BootManage® Administration Package for PXE and TCP/IP BOOT-PROMs with Remote Wakeup, Remote Shutdown and Rollout feature
2000The first PXE BOOT-PROM for Olicom and Madge Token Ring network adapters
1998The first TCP/IP BOOT-PROM for Olicom and Madge Token Ring Cards
1998The first PXE Toolkit for Wired for Management enabled PC's
1997The first Windows NT hands-free remote installation tool
1994The first DHCP remote boot product, autosensing between DHCP and BOOTP
1993The first TCP/IP PROM with multicast support
1989The first BOOTP TCP/IP remoteboot PROM for PC networks


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