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Can't connect network drive from CMDLINES.TXT file


In an unattended scripted Windows XP installation, you want to connect a network drive from within the CMDLINES.TXT file. When you execute the "NET USE" command from within the CMDLINES.TXT file, the network drive is not connected, and you receive the following error message:

The Workstation Service has not been started.
More help is available by typing NET HELPMSG 2138

You can verify that the network is up and running by executing "ipconfig /all", and you can also ping the machine to which you want to connect the network drive, but the "NET USE" command fails nevertheless.


This problem is documented in Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 314543. It is caused by a missing entry in the hivesys.inf file, so that the following registry key is not created:



Locate the hivesys.inf file on the Windows XP distribution share and open it with a text editor. Locate the following line in the hivesys.inf file:


Using the copy and paste function of your text editor, duplicate this line, so that you get two identical text lines. In the second (duplicated) line, change "HwOrder" to "Order". The result should look like this:


Save and then close the hivesys.inf file.


See Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 314543 titled "Error Message 'The Workstation Service Has Not Been Started' When Using Cmdlines.txt".

In order to gain access to a command prompt during the graphical (GUI mode) setup of an unattended Windows installation, press SHIFT+F10 (see Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 242380 titled "How to Use a Command Prompt During GUI-Mode Setup".

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