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In many remote boot and remote installation environments, BOOTP servers are used on various operating system platforms like UNIX, NetWare, and Windows. In almost all environments, BOOTP servers read their configuration information from a text based configuration file named bootptab. The format of this configuration file is identical across all platform types.

In most companies, bootptab files are administered using simple text editors, thus configuration errors and inconsistencies are quite common but difficult to track down. In the age of graphical user interfaces, administering a sensitive configuration file with a text editor is unnecessarily problematic, especially for the unexperienced.

The bootix® BOOTPtab Editor is a graphical configuration tool used to create new or maintain existing bootptab files. The bootix® BOOTPtab Editor checks bootptab syntax and detects inconsistent and missing entries. And its graphical user interface easeseases bootptab administration for experts and novices alike.

From a networked client PC, the administrator can read, modify, and write the bootptab file on the server. The bootix® BOOTPtab Editor does not require installation directly on the BOOTP server machine. Instead, any user with appropriate access rights can run the program on any networked client PC.

Platform Support
The bootix® BOOTPtab Editor is a 32-Bit Windows application which runs on the following Microsoft operating system platforms:

  • Windows 95, 98, ME
  • Windows NT 3.x und 4.0
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP

Easy handling
With its intuitive user interface, the bootix® BOOTPtab Editor is easy to use without requiring in-depth technical knowledge. Even large bootptab files which are often found in large network environments can be easily created and managed.

Problem analysis
Check functions reveal a broad variety of common bootptab problems on-the-fly, such as syntax errors (invisible characters, missing or wrongly placed backslashes etc.) and assignment of template entries. Also, a broad variety of more detailed testing functions is available (undefined tags, duplicate host and template entries, duplicate IP and MAC addresses, non-existent templates, user specific entries).

Automatic client import
The bootix® BOOTPtab Editor provides functions to automatically import new BOOTP clients into the bootptab configuration file and provide them with a predefined template

Wake On Lan Assistant
A functionality of the bootix® BOOTPtab Editor to start registered BOOTP Clients time-controlled.

Web Assistant
The integrated web server supports the most important functions of the bootix® BOOTPtab Editor and allows control access from any PC through an HTML Browser.

Import / Export
Improved import and export capabilities by means of CSV text files simplify the registration of BOOTP Clients

The BOOTPtab Editor's licensing is client oriented. That means you must purchase at least as many licenses as the sum of the managed clients.

With every delivery, you receive product media as well as a license document with a license key to activate the specified amount of client licenses.



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