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BootManage® PXE PROM

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More and more PC manufacturers deliver their new PC models with an integrated network card on the mainboard and built-in PXE functionality. However, a large amount of network card types (especially older models) are not supported in this manner because the network card manufacturer does not offer PXE PROMs for them.

To preserve your investments in existing hardware while providing a common network-wide configuration environment for your PXE client PC's, bootix Technology GmbH offers PXE PROMs as part of their BootManage® product family for a broad variety of network card types.

All BootManage® PXE PROMs are fully compatible with the NetPC, Preboot Execution Environment (PXE) and Wired-for-Management (WfM)standards, and support Wake-on-LAM cards.

Product Information
In 1996, Intel launched the "Wired for Management" initiative to create standards aimed at significantly reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO).

One of these standards is the Preboot Execution Environment (PXE), which is integrated into the BIOS of many new PC's which are equipped with an integrated network card on the mainboard. Using PXE, a PC can not only boot from local devices (hard disk, floppy disk, CD-ROM, etc.) but also from a boot server over the network. This remote boot method is also called "service boot". Alternatively, a fully unattended installation can be performed this way.

Many companies are facing the task of moving to Windows NT in a "naturally grown" PC hardware environment. Many existing PC's are fully capable of running Windows NT, but they do not have a network card that supports PXE. This is where the BootManage® PXE PROM helps.

Almost all network cards have a socket in which you can plug a PROM device. To make existing PC's PXE-capable, you only need to add the low-cost BootManage® PXE PROM.

All BootManage® PXE PROMs are fully compatible with the NetPC, Preboot Execution Environment (PXE), Wired-for-Management (WfM) standards, and work together with the following network management applications:

  • NetInstall by NetSupport
  • Tivoli by IBM
  • LanDesk Configuration Manager and Wired for Management Suite by INTEL
  • CCM by On Technologies
  • UniCenter TNG by Computer Associates

You do not need the "overhead" of these expensive network management applications? Are you looking for a low cost, easy-to-maintain and vendor independent solution for the automated installation of Windows NT and other operating systems? Then, the ideal solution is the BootManage® Administrator which is also available from bootix.

As an alternative to an EPROM, the BootManage® PXE PROM is available as FLASH ROM on request. Call bootix for detailed information about which network adapters support the FLASH technology.


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